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eCommerce websites require an extra element that traditional websites lack: the ability to complete a sale.

In addition to showcasing your products and services, your website must by dynamic and full of life. Our team are experienced with WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and more to assist with your sales targets.

We ensure your website is always up and running so you never miss a sale. This includes reliable hosting, regular maintenance, and analytics.

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We've developed eCommerce websites for clients within a variety of industries and our portfolio continues to grow. Get in touch to find out more.

Anthony Mullan
Premium Flowers & Collections

House of Flowers is a premium floral concierge service. We worked with the company to develop their new brand and launch a new web platform using WordPress & WooCommerce. The new platform enables customers to subscribe as well as purchase additional items through the shop. 

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The Crowner Base Company
Promotional Materials - Automotive Sector

The Crowner Base Company approached us having had prior issues with WordPress and their system. The company have designed, developed and manufactured a unique system which is used on car dealership forecourts. We created a mini video to showcase their USPs and re-launched the website on a new e-commerce platform.

Education Package Downloads &  e-Commerce

FunSongs is an international service helping teachers and parents to teach children English through a unique formula. The company approached us to help improve their ability to attract and convert interest from countries across the world as their package range grows. 

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Digity Blog

By Catherine Dove 02 Jun, 2017

Regardless of your industry or business, Father’s Day is a great opportunity to grow your client or customer base, stimulate sales and boost your profits. With Father’s Day fast approaching (Jun 18th), you need to start taking advantage of this great gift-giving holiday with effective and innovative marketing techniques! 

Through creating a great Father’s Day campaign that consistently goes across all of your online marketing platforms, you can be sure to boost exposure and drive conversions for your brand.  Here are our tips to make the most of it.

By Alix Davis 30 May, 2017
When it comes to designing logos, arguably one of the most important aspects is the colour choice. This will change how a consumer feels about any particular brand, and they will subconsciously categorise it based on the colour. To make sure your brand’s logo stands out from the crowd, it's key to use appropriate colours which differ from the competition.

Colour has a very integral link to emotion and we instinctively link certain colours with feelings. For example, in western culture, blue tends to be associated with calmness, professionalism and integrity. This makes it a highly popular choice, especially for more corporate brands who want to exude a feeling of calm authority without being intimidating. Green is seen to promote growth, freshness, nature and health. Green and blue are often used together in the health industry. Many logos for dentists, physiotherapists, health services and also science and environmental companies will use one or a combination of these colours.
By Ellie McDaniel 12 Apr, 2017
We are proud to announce the launch of our new website for Lulu Lush , and we hope you like it as much as we do! 

Lulu Lush is a remodelled ice cream van dishing up cocktails everywhere from intimate parties to festival-scale events as well as offering a party planning service. The brief was simple; create a website that captures the essence of Lulu - a fun loving party girl with a 40's pin-up influence. It was important for us to maintain the strong brand-focused visuals throughout the website and ensure ease of use for visitors.

We are delighted with the website, and would love to hear your thoughts. 
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