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When it comes to lead generation websites, engagement is king. To drive more leads to your business, you need to showcase the best you have to offer. That means great images, compelling content, and strong calls to action.

At Digity, we focus on developing websites that will attract and convert traffic. From design to copy-writing, photography to development we cover it all and have the tools to help you compete harder.

Here are some examples of our work, get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Anthony Mullan furniture
Anthony Mullan furniture
Bespoke Kitchens, Bedrooms & Studies

Anthony Mullan furniture are an award winning, independent furniture designer and manufacturer. Digity run an active marketing programme for this client, both online and offline, driving visitors from various sources. 

Key features:
  • Image tools (sliders & galleries) to showcase their work
  • Production of company video to show their expertise and process
  • Online brochure download request
  • Full CRM integration to manage leads
  • Professional photographer for showcase projects
  • Blog for product focused content & company updates
See more: www.anthonymullan.com

MDfx Smart Home Solutions
Smart Home Automation Specialists

mdfx are experts in smart home automation. Their previous website didn't resonate with their target audience of high net worth individuals so we re-designed the entire website to showcase their offering. 

Key features:
  • Dynamic and fully mobile responsive design
  • Carefully segmented content, thinking about different visitors / customers to their website
  • Strong and highly visual case studies
  • Blog integration
See more: www.mdfx.co.uk

Push Mailing
Push Mailing
Mailing House Services

Push Mailing run a fantastic business working with global brands to fulfil direct marketing campaigns domestically. We initially re-designed their website and commissioned a professional photographer to help showcase the business online. 

Key features:
  • Refreshed look and feel
  • Focus on their work within different industries
  • Online quote request system
  • Blog integration
  • Professional photographer commissioned
  • Enhanced SEO
See more: www.pushmailing.co.uk

Haes Systems
Haes Systems
Manufacturer, Fire Sector

Haes Systems are a UK based manufacturer in the fire alarm sector, developing a presence in the international market.  We worked with them to make their key product information and documentation available online. This helped reduce the amount of support calls coming in to the business. 

Key features:
  • Mega-menu navigation to help show the wide range of products available
  • Built to offer self-service support (reducing human time & cost)
  • International version of the website

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By Catherine Dove 02 Jun, 2017

Regardless of your industry or business, Father’s Day is a great opportunity to grow your client or customer base, stimulate sales and boost your profits. With Father’s Day fast approaching (Jun 18th), you need to start taking advantage of this great gift-giving holiday with effective and innovative marketing techniques! 

Through creating a great Father’s Day campaign that consistently goes across all of your online marketing platforms, you can be sure to boost exposure and drive conversions for your brand.  Here are our tips to make the most of it.

By Alix Davis 30 May, 2017
When it comes to designing logos, arguably one of the most important aspects is the colour choice. This will change how a consumer feels about any particular brand, and they will subconsciously categorise it based on the colour. To make sure your brand’s logo stands out from the crowd, it's key to use appropriate colours which differ from the competition.

Colour has a very integral link to emotion and we instinctively link certain colours with feelings. For example, in western culture, blue tends to be associated with calmness, professionalism and integrity. This makes it a highly popular choice, especially for more corporate brands who want to exude a feeling of calm authority without being intimidating. Green is seen to promote growth, freshness, nature and health. Green and blue are often used together in the health industry. Many logos for dentists, physiotherapists, health services and also science and environmental companies will use one or a combination of these colours.
By Ellie McDaniel 12 Apr, 2017
We are proud to announce the launch of our new website for Lulu Lush , and we hope you like it as much as we do! 

Lulu Lush is a remodelled ice cream van dishing up cocktails everywhere from intimate parties to festival-scale events as well as offering a party planning service. The brief was simple; create a website that captures the essence of Lulu - a fun loving party girl with a 40's pin-up influence. It was important for us to maintain the strong brand-focused visuals throughout the website and ensure ease of use for visitors.

We are delighted with the website, and would love to hear your thoughts. 
By Catherine Dove 01 Mar, 2017

Building trust in your company is essential to creating a reputable, professional, profitable and ultimately successful business, both online and offline. Whichever sector your organisation belongs to, your premises, staff and environment should evoke reliability and confidence.  The same goes for your online presence. Use these 5 techniques to gain trust with your customers, increase conversion rates for your website and multiply referrals and drive brand awareness.  

1/ Well Known Badges and Logos

Viewers of your website will react positively to recognisable logos and emblems. For instance, if your site offers e-Commerce, badges; such as the McAfee SECURE, Paypal Verified, or the VeriSign logos; will reassure your prospective customer that your site is reliable and secure. On the other hand, if your business is more service based, show off award logos,  previous clients or collaborator/manufacturer emblems. These will make your business appear more renowned, established and trustworthy.

By Catherine Dove 31 Jan, 2017

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you need to start thinking about how your business will utilise this holiday in your digital marketing strategy (without just making everything heart-shaped).

There have already been some exceptional campaigns launched for 2017’s Valentine’s Day.  With these in mind, here are some quick and simple ways to make the most of the hype surrounding this day.

1/ Theme your landing pages

Even if you are short on time, a themed landing page dedicated to Valentine’s Day is really effective in grouping together your Valentine’s deals, products or events. Last minute gifts for Valentine’s Day are more common than any other holiday, so make sure your offers are still prominent right up-to (and during if you can) the day itself.

Make it obvious on your  website  homepage through the use of through banners, links and relevant images. Whether you are offering spa treatments, promoting meals at your restaurant or selling gifts, broadcast on your website as much as possible what you have to offer during the run up to this big day.

2/ Engage your customers using social media  

Everybody has stories about Valentine’s Day, so why not ask them to share and get some interaction building? People love to talk about themselves so get them talking through a dedicated hashtag. O2’s for example developed #O2tweetheart which worked fantastically well a couple of years back. Equally, not everybody wants to celebrate. More humorous hashtags such as #disasterdates, #worstgifts or #Vdayembarassments often get a much better response! Additionally, the responses you get are perfect for creating content for blogs or emailers.

By Ellie McDaniel 27 Jan, 2017
We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new website for House of Flowers . As they are establishing themselves as a truly luxurious brand, we decided the logo needed to stand out and be recognisable whilst still adhering to the values of the company. With this in mind, we started by creating the logo and then built the rest of the brand around it. House of Flowers felt it was important for the logo to show the simplistic elegance of their collections, and we think the refined yet traditional 'H' does this perfectly. 

Once the brand was established, we started to design the website , which needed to manage regular subscriptions and additional orders quickly and efficiently as well as look visually appealing. The flowers in the collections are selected from the market the morning of delivery to ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible, so all deliveries must be handled manually. This means that the e-commerce section of the website had to be easy to use and allow the floral architects to focus on creating stunning collections without worrying about the technology behind the orders. 
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