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Welcome to Digity

From email to social media, search engines to online ads, there are many ways to promote your business online. Our team will support your business by creating an implementing a tailored digital marketing programme which covers the key areas to drive sales.  Get in touch or scroll down to find out more.
    Planning & Insight

    Our team will work with you to create a plan to help you compete harder online. We'll ensure the right things happen at the right times.
    Planning & Insight

    Web Design

    We build websites to help clients grow their businesses at a faster rate. Whether you're looking for direct sales, leads or credibility, we'll find the right solution:
    Web Design

    Email Marketing

    We'll help you reach and inspire your prospects, customers and key contacts via email. 
    Planning & Insight

    Web Content Production

    We'll work with you to help grow your website over time, reach and engage more people via email & social media and showcase the latest and greatest in your business.
    Web Content

    Think Social Media is a fad?

    If Facebook were a country it would be the biggest country in the world and there are more mobile phones owned across the globe than toothbrushes! Check out this video to get a grasp of 'online':
    Credit to best selling author Eric Qualman for creating #Socialnomics. 

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