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By Ashley Timms 20 Mar, 2017

Last month, we covered the best ways to get more followers for your brand's Instagram account .

This month, our social media tip series goes a step further to explore How to Successfully Use Instagram Stories.

By Ashley Timms 23 Feb, 2017

While it may be obvious that social media is key for any successful marketing plan, you may be at a loss for where to start. Of course, the first step is to sign up for your accounts, the majority of which are free. But, what’s next?

As part of our social media tip series, we’ve compiled 9 Ways to Get More Followers on Your Business Instagram.

By Ashley Timms 02 Nov, 2016

Hashtags aren’t just for millennials promoting their Instagram pictures; they’re for your business, too. A simple yet creative hashtag that combines words can effectively bring your brand to life.

As you may have read in our recent blog , hashtags are a great way to promote your social media. Hashtags are used for two main reasons: to catalogue your posts and to get recognised. The latter is the most important as, in today’s culture, the number of likes and followers does matter.

Beyond the standard description, association, and consistent hashtags we previously outlined, promotional hashtags are a useful tool for business marketing. A promotional hashtag can either use your brand/product or be unbranded yet can be used for sales/promos, contests, a series, or even events. Viewers of your content will be able to immediately recognise your brand and your message.

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