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By Ellie McDaniel 23 Aug, 2016
Top Tip:  Establish your brand identity to build value, recognition, and trust. Do this by retaining consistency throughout your website, print, and promotions with branding, logos, and colours. This consistency can include a range of designs and colour schemes to suit your variety of materials and media.

Why:  Inconsistent colours and the use of dated logos or photos will reduce your credibility. By keeping it all crisp and consistent, you gain reliability for your customers and potential customers.

When:  Check your materials and website before they go out to the public domain. You’ll also need to make updates as needed. With each change, make sure you adjust your website, printed materials, online sources, and your social media.

Pro Tip:  Using the same colour palette is only half the job. Using consistent fonts, icons and tone is key to build a unique identity. You should develop brand guidelines to refer to with each and every new piece of marketing produced. This way, your brand awareness will increase significantly.
By Ashley Timms 22 Aug, 2016

Unlike other how-to posts, this blog has just a single item to show how you can make the most of your LinkedIn connections: engage with them!

Earlier this month, LinkedIn rolled out two new features. Firstly, your initial message to connect with other users is now included in your message history. This is beneficial because, with all the interactions we have on a daily basis, it can be difficult to remember what you said to who.

The second feature is a notification that someone has accepted your request to connect. This notification will pop up in your messages right below your initial message as well as a notification on your homepage. As soon as you receive a connection notification, you should be reaching out with a meaningful introduction. If your latest connection is a possible lead, then you already know you should be keeping in contact. 

Don’t be afraid of your connections. Think of LinkedIn as a massive event. Everyone is here to chat with others, learn about relevant news in their industry, and gain valuable connections to further their business. Of course, first impressions are important so make your interactions professional and thoughtful.

Reasons to connect don’t always have to be for a sales pitch. Utilise the tools already available to you to break the ice such as a birthday, a new job, a work anniversary, or any other notification. Go beyond the standard “like” and “Congratulations!” and send a sincere message to remain memorable.

By Ellie McDaniel 16 Aug, 2016

Top Tip : Research your competitors to gain insights about your market. This can be achieved by scoping out other businesses’ websites, pricing updates, press releases, newsletters , and more.

Why : Your potential customers are reviewing your competitors before committing to a purchase, so why can’t you? Whether you’re looking for inspiration or price matching, your competitors are an invaluable resource.

When : Make this a week or bi-weekly activity to stay on the ball. By staying updated on events, news, and conversation topics by comparable businesses in your industry, you can better position your offering.

Pro Tip : You should also look at what your competitors are posting on social media and how their followers are reacting. Use this information to keep your followers informed.

By Ellie McDaniel 11 Aug, 2016

We've teamed-up with Peninsula Business Services who support businesses throughout the UK to advise, protect and grow their organisations with HR and Health & Safety related matters. This co-hosted Business Owners' Briefing is a complimentary event which is open to business owners and leaders in Wokingham and surrounding areas. 

In exchange for a small investment of your time, we will demonstrate some of our award winning methods to grow and develop your business and topics covered will include:

Human Resources

  • Managing changes in Employment Law - namely Shared Parental Leave and Auto-Enrolment
  • Preventing employees from taking long term sick leave
  • Dealing efficiently and quickly with an under-performing worker
Health & Safety

  • Understanding the NEW sentencing guidelines from HSE ''arguably the most dramatic change in Health & Safety since 1974''


  • Think in a way that will grow your awareness, interest & build sales
  • 3 practical ways to boost the visibility of your company on social media today
  • How to grow your traffic through Google

This event will also give you the opportunity to introduce your business to other companies in your area and discuss important matters affecting your sector.


Wednesday 19th October 2016

9.30am - 10.00am - Welcome & Refreshments

10.00am - 12.45pm - Event


Book your place today by calling  0844 892 2771, by texting  RSVP to  60777, or by emailing , quoting ref: 39874.

By Ashley Timms 09 Aug, 2016
Top Tip:  Planning well ahead with your marketing plans, offers, and sales ensures you deliver the right message to your customers. Whether it's a small campaign or a large marketing overhaul, you'll need the time to get it right.

Why:  Any campaign takes time to perfect; why not give yourself more than enough time? Keep in mind you'll possibly need to complete data collection such as a contact list, produce and edit copy, source content, create graphics, and work out proper scheduling.

When:  Here at Digity, we like to be six months ahead (which explains why Ellie has already completed half of her shopping for the holidays!). Start planning for Christmas and the New Year now.

Pro Tip:  Use project management software to keep all of your plans organised and accessible to your team. Google Calendar is great for staying ahead while Zoho Projects is perfect for ensuring each and every task gets completed (and on time).

Here's a sample of Zoho Projects and their detailed reports:
By Chris Lunn 04 Aug, 2016
Two years ago I came across a Ted Talk  on 'how to start a movement' by Derek Sivers and it's one of the greatest videos I've ever seen. In terms of marketing, it helps answer the question "how will developing my brand help grow my business?" and why it's so important that you do. Watch the video below and read on to get some more tips on how to embrace this idea to speed up the growth of your own movement.
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