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Welcome to Digity. Our expert team of marketers and designers will help you increase sales by bringing a professional and tactical approach to your marketing.

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Reach your target audience
your target audience via a mix of key channels
Inspire inspirations
interactions through clear messaging & design
Engage your audience
your audience to increase sales and loyalty
Add the skills & expertise to compete
If you're looking to add skills or out-source the whole marketing function, we have a range of managed marketing packages to suit your plans and grow your business.

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By Catherine Dove 25 Oct, 2016

We are proud to be launching a marketing campaign for Emerge Poverty Free, a London based charity working to diminish poverty in east African communities. With 10 spaces to fill for the Virgin Money London Marathon next April, Emerge Poverty Free asked Digity to create an innovative and original campaign, including a mobile-responsive website, fundraising and training packs, advertising and merchandise, to encourage runners to fundraise for their charity. With so many charities requiring runners to support their cause, we knew that Emerge Poverty Free’s campaign would need some innovative and creative thinking to have the impact it needs to compete with other charities.

Check out the eye-catching, contemporary and engaging design and content completing the website here . With the huge social media hype around the London Marathon, be sure to like their Facebook page , which will be updated with news, graphics and inspiration!

#Emerge a Hero
By Catherine Dove 17 Oct, 2016

Events and exhibitions are great ways to build exposure for your brand. Whether it’s a trade show ora conference, your brand gets the unique opportunity to have the spotlight for future customers and even partners. But, how do you maximise your time at an event?

1. The first thing you must do after booking an event is to decide what your objective is. Of course, you want to increase sales. But how can the event help you achieve this? Think about whether you’re looking to actually complete sales at the event or simply gain leads to nurture into customers. It is with this single objective that you will plan everything from your personnel to your display and merchandise. Your event objective should be realistic and plausible regarding the budget you have for the event. Once you have chosen a broad focus for the event, start prioritising more specific goals in regards to sales generation, customer relationships, brand building, market research, media relations and PR. For example:

  • Generate 300 sales leads

  • Meet 50 qualified prospects

  • Hand out 2,000 samples

  • Research 10 competitors

By Catherine Dove 12 Oct, 2016

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is not merely a tool or application, but a way of business, including the strategies, practices as well as the technology that a company utilises to manage and analyse customer relations. CRM systems, such as Zoho, are designed to integrate customer information, documents and analytics into one easy-to-use database. Other useful functions that are often compiled within these systems are recordings of customer interactions (for instance emails, phone calls, social media and business deals), and automated workflow processes, such as alerts, task management and calendar functions. Zoho’s simple yet powerful interface has a lot of advantages, its flexible and comprehensive set of features having a lot of potential for the growth of client-led businesses.

Key Features of Zoho:

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