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By Gemma Warner 12 May, 2016
As Thomas Watson Jr. told his students in 1973, “good design is good business.” We politely disagree. We believe good design is great business.  In our modern digital world, brands have the ability to be noticed anytime and anywhere in search results, on walls, or even feeds. At the crux of all of this attention is the need to not just be seen but to be recognised.
By Ellie McDaniel 02 May, 2016

If you are an avid reader of our blog I am sure you’ll know that there are many benefits of responsive website design, from improved SEO to future scalability, so we ensure that all of our new websites are responsive. For e-commerce in particular there is really no question, having a responsive site is key to driving sales.

By Chris Lunn 28 Apr, 2016

Whether you love social media or not, the opportunity to reach and inspire people every day is huge. We work with a growing number of clients to help them come up with fresh ideas for content and keep their accounts current but there's nothing like getting the leaders of those organisations involved to make a huge difference.

If you own or manage a company, here are 5 key ways that you can help significantly improve the returns you generate from social media.

1.  You Need To Show You Care

Going back to my first point, whether you love it or not, you need to value it.  If your employees see that you don't get it and don't care what happens on it, why should they?  When people of influence take notice (even if they don't directly participate) it's amazing what impact that has on teams.

If you're wondering why you should care, check out this short video called SocialNomics - it will blow your mind:
By Ashley Timms 20 Apr, 2016

Unless you’ve been living under a (very large) rock or have sworn off social media, chances are you’ve seen one of the latest crazes on Facebook: short videos of easy-to-follow recipes.

By Chris Lunn 01 Apr, 2016
We've rounded up a few of the more popular April Fools Day pranks from brands that are still rapidly making their way across social media... see which ones you appreciate:
By Catherine Dove 22 Mar, 2016
Whether you are a start-up business defining your target audience for the first time, or a well established company re-profiling, there are four vital ways to determine who you should target and how you can capture their attention.
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