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By Ellie McDaniel 23 Jun, 2016

A few years ago the ‘experts’ were telling us that email was dying out, that social media will take its place and soon it will be an almost worthless expense. Well, weren’t they wrong! Yes, social media has boomed incredibly, but it takes on a very different role to emails, so has not, and will not, replace it. With the ability to easily create responsive emails which can be viewed on mobile devices without difficulty, email campaigns are still a great way to contact your customers and continue to build awareness and push sales. But are you making the most of your campaigns? Or worse, are you not sending out any at all? Here are some simple tips that can transform your campaigns and help you to get the best return.

Integrate with social media

Social media is not replacing emails, but by using them hand-in-hand you can increase your reach. Make sure you include your social icons within your campaigns and encourage recipients to follow you. You can and should also use social media sharing buttons on your email; this will increase the reach of your email as it will be seen by followers of your email subscribers if they share. It’s always good to remember this can be done in reverse too - share a link to your email registration on all social media platforms to help to build your database.

By Catherine Dove 07 Jun, 2016
We are excited to announce that we have been asked to be the marketing partner of the first West London Business Show on the 28th September. The organisers approached us right from the start to take charge of a great marketing campaign showing everybody how exciting this opportunity will be for ambitious businesses. From branding and website design to social media promotion, we want to ensure this event is a huge success.
By Ellie McDaniel 02 Jun, 2016

Here at Digity, we are always proud of our website launches. However, our latest project is particularly special.

We designed and donated a website for Binfield Pre-School to allow parents easy access to important information, latest news, school policies, and upcoming events. We complemented their beautiful photographs with fun colours, large text, and an easy to navigate menu. Parents can now stay up to date with everything at the school with just a click.

You can take a look at the live site here . We’d love to hear your feedback!

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