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Why Infographics Could Change the World

  • By Catherine Dove
  • 13 Aug, 2015
Infographics are aesthetically pleasing communication illustrations that can express complex data in a visual format that is easily understandable and relatable to the viewer. This visual aspect defines infographics as a truly unique and attractive way of portraying data and knowledge.

Infographics are continuously being recognised for their positive impact in marketing campaigns and their success in communicating messages and ideas. But why are they so effective?

Attractive Appeal
The creativity in colour, layout and image make infographics completely unique. They are also easily distinguishable from each other. We process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, so infographics are super fast to scan and absorb. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, so infographics definitely tap into that optic nerve.

Viral Capabilities
Due to the attractiveness and eye-catching nature of infographics, they are much more likely to go viral! We are more likely to share images and graphics than pure text, so when an original and interesting infographic comes along, it can create a viral success. If you embed your infographics into your website, the share and click responses will increase your traffic.

Brand Awareness
Creating infographics that are integrated or embedded with your logo is a powerful way to increase brand awareness, and portray your knowledge and expertise on whatever subject. Conforming infographics to your business’ colour scheme and style can ensure that your infographics become recognisable.

Infographics can be embedded pretty much anywhere. An infographic found on Facebook can be downloaded and printed onto leaflets and brochures. When developing an infographic , the code to put it on a WordPress blog or website is provided as an embed code. This then creates an automatic link from their site to yours.

Due to its unique way of creating information and its clear way of arrangement and composition, infographics come across as more persuasive and reliable. Readers are less likely to doubt what they are seeing, as why would someone go to the effort of making an infographic with incorrect information? Therefore infographics are far more convincing and influencing than pure text.

They are memorable!
The layout of colours, images and graphs make infographics far more memorable. Images are easier to commit to memory than text, and if these creative aspects are utilised well, an infographic can be unforgettable.

Infographics take advantage of the ways we process information, creating the perfect platform to convey significant and complex data . If you are contemplating creating your own infographic just keep in mind the appeal of your target audience. Although infographics give you the chance to be creative and original, ensure that the visuals do not complicate, change or obscure the data.


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By Catherine Dove 01 Nov, 2017

What better way to sell gorgeous products than on a beautiful, sleek and modern website?  

Home by Rachel  provides beautiful home interiors, stunning jewellery and a bespoke range of hand-poured luxury candles. Rachel came to us with a bland but functional website that didn't entice people off the home page, so in our redesign we ensured that the site looked bright, welcoming and interesting.

With large, good quality images and sliders the site began to look a lot more attractive, and the new clearer layout made the site easier to navigate. The intimacy of the brand is represented through the personal feel of the website, whilst the stunning imagery indicates the thought that has gone into each quality product.

By Catherine Dove 31 Oct, 2017

At the end of October a new version of Google Chrome was released that clearly labels any website without an SSL Certificate as ‘non-secure’. This will be shown in the browser bar clearly to the online user.

This will effect a huge range of websites, particularly e-commerce sites or any that contain input fields, like password requests and contact forms. Studies indicate up to 84% of online shoppers will abandon their purchase once seeing that a site is not secure ( Source ). Having an SSL certificate gives your website the green padlock, reassuring customers that they are in a safe location to purchase goods and enter their details.

Not only do your customers prefer secure sites, but Google does too. With Google favouring secure sites, your search engine rankings are more likely improve and your conversion rates more likely to increase. It’s simple!

Get in touch with our expert team today on 01189 100 012 for more information on how to ensure your website is living up to its potential online.

By Ellie McDaniel 30 Oct, 2017
In a world where everyone is a 'Professional iPhone Photographer' and point-and-shoots are as affordable as ever, it's important that your business stands head and shoulders above the rest by using professional photography. Anything other than that for your business won't say much for your product or brand and it's unlikely to hit the right spot with your intended target audience.

So now you know you need professional photography, but how can you justify the cost? Good quality photographs can be used for a multitude of different promotional activities, from social media to company vehicles to print marketing - the list is endless! Make the most of the photos you've had taken by using them across a variety of channels - elevating your brand and giving more people the opportunity to see your work.
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