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Top 5 Christmas Adverts of the Year

  • By Ellie McDaniel
  • 01 Dec, 2016

It’s the beginning of December and it feels finally acceptable to start openly celebrating Christmas (it has been limited to listening to Michael Bublé in the car for the past three weeks). So, what better time for a round-up of the best Christmas adverts of the year?

5 - Heathrow

As their first ever Christmas advert, Heathrow has really knocked this one out of the park with their tale of bears coming home. Proving Christmas adverts don’t need to be big budget productions to be a hit, this heart-warming story is subtle and simple but truly encompasses what Christmas is all about. From a branding point of view, being tear-jerking enough to make people want to go home and visit their family can only do positive things for business.

4 - Aldi

As winner of probably the cutest advert this year, Aldi’s offering features Kevin the Carrot and his quest to meet Santa. The story itself may not be relatable or overly heart-warming, but it's told in the style of a rhyming children’s book so this light-hearted festive advert certainly captures the spirit of Christmas and shows off some tasty looking treats.

3 - Sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s have gone for an animated musical advert this Christmas centring around Dave, a hard working father trying to give his family the greatest gifts. After amusing train delays and chaos in the factory, Dave decides the greatest gift he can give is his time. As much as they can be highly commended for supporting the Great Ormond Street Hospital with merchandise linked to the advert, it does feel slightly hypocritical of Sainsbury's to be promoting time as the greatest gift but still opening their doors and making staff work on Boxing Day. The advert itself is lovely and very catchy, however; its mixed message from the brand does dampen the impact a little.

2- John Lewis

The John Lewis advert is always the most anticipated one of the year and, although this one isn’t quite up there with Monty the Penguin and The Bear and the Hare, it is still quintessentially John Lewis. Buster the Boxer may not have filled me with Christmas spirit and I may be slightly biased as nothing will ever beat the 2011 ‘ The Long Wait ’, however; they have certainly managed to get social media involved through #BusterTheBoxer and have even sparked many home videos of jumping Boxers. It may not be my personal favourite, but they have certainly got people talking, and I have no doubt sales of toy Busters will skyrocket. Other businesses have also jumped on the Buster bandwagon including the Robert Dyas ‘ Not on my trampoline ’ alternative advert.

1- Marks and Spencer

For me, the M&S advert is truly what Christmas is all about and I love that it creates Mrs Claus as an icon. As well as keeping the Christmas magic truly alive, it targets the typical M&S audience to a T. They have created a fully integrated campaign including a tailored landing page  and shopping page for all things Mrs Claus, making it quick and simple to order products shown in the advert.

Do you agree with our Christmas line-up? Or does Buster the Boxer beat Mrs Claus?


Digity Blog

By Chris Lunn 18 Aug, 2017
GDPR is coming next May and it's been eye-opening for me to see just how much there is to consider to ensure you're fully compliant.

I've heard lots of comments about the fact that companies 'should be already doing all of this' and whilst I agree, the simply truth is, I can't think of many that actually are in full.  There's also quite a lot naivety about Brexit and the impact but the fact is, this is 100% happening.

We're getting close to appointing our official partner to help support clients so if you answer no to one or more of the below questions, get in touch and we'll let you know how we can help.

  1. Do you have a data protection policy?

  2. Does your team get regular data protection training?

  3. Is data protection covered in your company handbook?

  4. Regarding data storage, do you have an up-to-date document which outlines where the data is stored?

  5. Are all files (Excel/Word etc) which have contact data within them encrypted and protected?

  6. Are your personnel contracts compliant with GDPR?

  7. Do you have a documented process for handling subject access requests?

  8. Do you know exactly where your data is stored via 3rd party systems or applications i.e. MailChimp, Accounting System, CRM system etc?

  9. Regarding the systems you may be using which hold contact details, do you know if they are GDPR compliant?

  10. Do you have a clear audit trail for how people joined your mailing list?

  11. Do you have a clear unsubscribe mechanism on your marketing email communications?

  12. Do you have a documented process for how to handle a data protection breach?

  13. Is your office secured effectively to avoid anyone entering and stealing devices with data on them?

  14. Are your mobile phone and tablets secured effectively?

  15. Can you deactivate your mobile/tablet devices remotely to avoid data breaches?

  16. Do you have a data retention policy detailing how you will store data on an individual, how long for and what you'll do when you no longer need those details?

  17. Do you have a privacy statement and terms of use on your website?

  18. Do you have an up-to-date cookie policy on your website detailing what information you will be storing and for what purpose?

This list is the tip of the iceberg but if you've answered 'no' or 'not sure' to any of the questions above, we'd recommend getting in-touch to find out more about how we can help.  We have different specialist consultants to ensure you can soon answer 'yes' to all of the above questions & more which will come your way.  As the deadline closes in, demand will rise for these services so don't wait until the new year, get in-touch today.

Contact us to find out more about GDPR.
By Ellie McDaniel 08 Aug, 2017
Google Analytics tracks users and views to provide key insights into acquisition and behaviour flow, making it a very powerful tool for website owners. If you have installed Google Analytics into your website but haven't looked at the data, or do not understand what the data is telling you, this post is for you. 

Firstly we'll cover the key terms you'll need to understand and some of the key information you can extract from the Analytics tool. 
By Catherine Dove 04 Aug, 2017

Our Brighton office is buzzing with excitement as Pride approaches this weekend. Rainbows are everywhere, from banners and flags to buses and balloons, and so many small businesses are showing their support for this massive event.

Celebrating Gay Pride as a business is not a new concept, but it is something that is becoming more and more popular, as businesses become more comfortable being part of the celebrations and realise the benefits that can come alongside it.

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