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Is Your SEO Positive or Negative?

  • By Chris Lunn
  • 08 Mar, 2015
Being top of the search results is a prime goal for most businesses. The higher you rank when someone searches the internet, the more chance you have to get potential new customers into your website and turn them into current customers. Many business owners have figured out the benefit of this and are continuously working hard to create a high search engine optimisation (SEO) with their website’s content. That is great! But there is something that not many businesses are aware of that might be keeping them from reaching the top rankings – Negative SEO.
I know what many of you are thinking, if I maximise my SEO and make sure that everything on my website points to the search engine requirements to boost my website, how can I possible have negative SEO issues? The truth is, not all is fair in love and search rankings. Negative SEO can come from competitors, webmasters, spammers, black hat SEO’s and even vicious marketers. These rogues are working to bring down your website rankings or infuse spam to your visitors.

So what exactly is negative SEO? It is anything malicious that is done to bring down your web site’s ranking in search engines. This can be done by hacking into your website and changing some of the basic information that search engines use to index your pages to keep you from being seen. Hackers can also include malware in your site.

Hackers can also do things within your site that search engines frown upon like fake reviews. Most search engines like reviews but they can detect when you have created your own to boost your rankings. Those looking to boost your negative SEO will gain access to your site and add fake reviews but make it look like you are adding them. This will once again drop your site further down the rankings.

Negative SEO is not limited to those who gain access to your website. It can also occur through malicious backlinks. Backlinks are when one website links back to yours – think of it as posting a link on social media back to a specific page. Normally, these are great because it shows that others are utilising your site’s content and therefore it is relevant to the keywords that someone has searched for. Some businesses try to purchase backlinks to get their website out far and wide. Unfortunately, many of these links come from spam websites. It is better to have a smaller but good group of back links than thousands of spam links – search engines will know the difference and rank you accordingly.

Now the question on everyone’s mind is how do I avoid negative SEO? One of the first things to do would be to check the security of your website and make sure that it isn’t an easy target for hackers/spammers. Another aspect to keep tabs on is where your traffic is coming from and see who is backlinking to you. You can quickly see if your backlinks are from legitimate, good quality sources as you know who would be interested in your content.

Do you think you have been a target of negative SEO or think you might have accidentally caused more harm than good working on your search rankings? We can help sort you out. Get in touch with Digity today and we can review your website and work to bring your
SEO ranking to where it should be.


Digity Blog

By Chris Lunn 18 Sep, 2017
Last Friday we were delighted to attend the first ever Maidenhead & Windsor Business Awards and it was a fantastic evening.  Having been nominated for two categories (Innovation & Fast Growing Business) we were really proud to find out we were finalists in both categories.  That's a positive way of saying we didn't quite win but when you're up against the likes of Adobe, we'll take that.

Having just recently established an additional presence for Digity within the MyWorkSpot building in the town centre it was great to enjoy the evening with their founders along with some other local business owners.  Overall it was a great night and we look forward to more occasions like this as we continue our development.
By Chris Lunn 14 Sep, 2017

Are you looking generate leads and sales from your website?

Does your website have the potential for a better digital presence? 

Would you like to generate more traffic from search engines but don’t know where to start?

By Chris Lunn 11 Sep, 2017
We're delighted to announce that we now have a new presence which is situated right in the town centre of Maidenhead.  We have joined up with My Work Spot who offer flexible office solutions in the town and members of our team will be there every week going forward.  We're also talking to the team about running some events for local business owners so watch this space!

If you'd like to make an appointment to meet one of our consultants to discuss your web design or digital marketing requirements, get in touch with our main office and they can organise this for you: 01189 100012 or email: .
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