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Balloon Sculptures, Car Racing and Wind Tunnels: Here are our highlights from the Technology for Marketing Exhibition in London.

  • By Catherine Dove
  • 04 Oct, 2016

Wednesday was an exciting day for the Digity team, as we attended the Technology for Marketing Olympia exhibition. Packed with buzzing entrepreneurs and business owners, the atmosphere was incredible. Keen to find out as much as we could about the best current and upcoming technology for marketing, we spoke to many insightful and exciting exhibitors.

Here are some of our top moments of the day:

Personalised Email Marketing- A Great Talk from Adestra

We headed first to the Search & Email Marketing Conference Theatre to discover innovative ways to capture your customers through personalised email campaigns. From dynamic content and context personalisation to life-cycle and behavioural-triggered programs, the discussion inspired a ‘just do it’ motivation. We all want an increased open rate, higher rate in click throughs, increase in sales and returning website traffic, and the Adestra talk highlighted the best and most creative ways to achieve this. We can’t wait to utilise the insights we learnt in our own and clients’ email campaigns, instigating more traffic, sales and overall net profit.

Driving Around Infinity’s Mini Racecourse

Intrigued by Infinity’s call tracker system as a solution for a number of our clients, we wandered over to find out more. After an initial discussion on how their products may be able to help our business and our clients, we started having a bit of fun with their interactive stand. Infinity’s powerful and integrated system was echoed by their interactive, remotely powered and infinity-shaped car racecourse. We are proud to say that our own Marketing Coordinator, Ellie, made the leaderboard for the fastest number of laps!

The Dotmailer Wind Tunnel

As you can see, the Dotmailer wind tunnel competition was very popular. We couldn’t help but have a go, and neither could anyone else! Their game was the perfect way to capture an audience and get visitors involved within their exhibition stand. As one of the successful stands at the Technology for Marketing event, we love their innovative and original attitude to engaging visitors, clients and customers.

Other Highlights:

It was amazing to see how some exhibitors engaged their visitors. Not only race courses and wind tunnels, but balloon sculptures, free headshots and interactive arcade-like games were used to attract as many visitors as possible.

We’ve been really inspired by the TFM Exhibition, the scope for upcoming technology within marketing seeming even wider and more exciting than we could have expected! If you’d like to hear more about our experience or would like any more information, get in touch on 01189 100 012 or drop us an email on .



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By Alix Davis 20 Nov, 2017
Alamo Blinds , a local showroom of blinds, shutters, curtains and outdoor living, came to us a couple of years ago for a new brand and website for their business after they left the franchise they were in. At the time, we supplied them with a distinctive look and cohesive website which served all of their needs. Now we have been working together to update both the brand and website to give it a more contemporary and established look to go with their successful business.

The Logo

The previous Alamo Blinds logo (pictured below left) was a flowing typeface with a sans serif slogan font. It was friendly, approachable and tidy, but the client felt that he wanted it to be updated to something that can be more clearly read on their vans when they are driving around. The new logo (below right) uses a typeface with more distinct shapes to the letters, making it easier to decipher from further distances. We have kept a friendly and approachable aspect to it in the slogan font, which overall means you keep the same feeling from the old logo, but with added readability and modernity.
By Catherine Dove 01 Nov, 2017

What better way to sell gorgeous products than on a beautiful, sleek and modern website?  

Home by Rachel  provides beautiful home interiors, stunning jewellery and a bespoke range of hand-poured luxury candles. Rachel came to us with a bland but functional website that didn't entice people off the home page, so in our redesign we ensured that the site looked bright, welcoming and interesting.

With large, good quality images and sliders the site began to look a lot more attractive, and the new clearer layout made the site easier to navigate. The intimacy of the brand is represented through the personal feel of the website, whilst the stunning imagery indicates the thought that has gone into each quality product.

By Catherine Dove 31 Oct, 2017

At the end of October a new version of Google Chrome was released that clearly labels any website without an SSL Certificate as ‘non-secure’. This will be shown in the browser bar clearly to the online user.

This will effect a huge range of websites, particularly e-commerce sites or any that contain input fields, like password requests and contact forms. Studies indicate up to 84% of online shoppers will abandon their purchase once seeing that a site is not secure ( Source ). Having an SSL certificate gives your website the green padlock, reassuring customers that they are in a safe location to purchase goods and enter their details.

Not only do your customers prefer secure sites, but Google does too. With Google favouring secure sites, your search engine rankings are more likely improve and your conversion rates more likely to increase. It’s simple!

Get in touch with our expert team today on 01189 100 012 for more information on how to ensure your website is living up to its potential online.

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