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Where have the Google ads on the right gone?

  • By Phil Taylor
  • 01 Mar, 2016

Last week, Google globally rolled out one of the most significant changes to the layout of its desktop search engine results pages (SERPs) to date. The switch came with unusually short notice and had online marketers scrambling to work out what it means for them….

What are the changes?

The big change is that there are now no ads showing on the right hand side of the desktop SERPs with the exception of  Product Listing Ads  (PLAs) from AdWords Shopping campaigns, and the  Knowledge Panel , where business information is displayed.

The new layout will continue to show three ads at the top of the page, with the addition of a fourth for "highly commercial queries". According to  Google's official statement on the change:

“We’ve been testing this layout for a long time, so some people might see it on a very small number of commercial queries. We’ll continue to make tweaks, but this is designed for highly commercial queries where the layout is able to provide more relevant results for people searching and better performance for advertisers.”

There will also be up to three ads at the bottom of the page.

This brings desktop search results more in line with the look and feel of mobile search results, although mobile results will still typically show 2-3 top ads rather than the 3-4 ads on the new desktop layout.

What will the effects be?

Naturally, with such a major change, there will be concerns from advertisers, particularly regarding effects on CPC. With the number of ads shrinking from a possible 11 to a maximum of seven, some worry that increased competition for ad spots will lead to skyrocketing  CPCs.

However, others predict that with the addition of the fourth ad, the greater opportunity to grab one of the valuable ‘top spots’ will help to suppress any CPC increases.

It is also worth noting that a substantial majority of ad clicks (85%+) had already been coming from the top spots rather than the side positions, and with an accelerating trend towards mobile searches over desktop, these changes should not cause the armageddon that some advertisers fear.

While we await solid data on the impact, we’ll be keeping a close eye on any effects - so watch this space for more updates and your Digity Account Manager will keep you updated on any direct impact.



Digity Blog

By Tom Powter 17 Jan, 2018

Here at Digity, we’re proud to be able to launch the new website for the global naming company, Appella.

Appella are the specialist naming agency who have developed huge brand names such as Oyster card, so their new website showcases their work and helps people who are new to ‘naming’ understand far more about it. We used large, bright images featuring the recognisable iconography and ensured that Appella’s impressive portfolio was at the top of their website. It immediately catches the eye, and draws you to their work. 

In fact, Appella’s front page was almost entirely dedicated to their previous work - as a naming company, they have the benefit of brand recognition. Big names on their website immediately lend them legitimacy, hence why the website moves down through their client list and into testimonials.

Another aspect of the website we focused on was building Appella a fully comprehensive portfolio, with in-depth information on each of their clients, including the creative processes behind their chosen names. The website is informative, and any prospective clients can see everything they need. Visit the full website here: Appella, Expert Naming Agency .

If you have a website you’d like updating, or are in need of a brand new website, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. e:   t: 01189 100 012
By Tom Powter 16 Jan, 2018
A testimonial is a powerful tool to help promote your business and the work that you offer. It’s a seal of approval from a veritable source, showcasing that someone was pleased enough with your services that they would recommend you to others. Taking that one step further then is a video testimonial, where a satisfied client can openly praise the work you’ve done for them.

The power of a video in today’s connected world cannot be understated. Compared to a regular testimonial, perhaps relegated to a specific page on your website, a video can be found through social media and shared to millions of people with ease. Potential consumers are also far more likely to engage with a video testimonial as it comes across as personable and genuine - actually being able to hear the emotion in someone’s voice is a great thing, as audiences respond to positive emotions in kind.

Using a video testimonial has additional benefits also. They can help to emphasise the human side of your brand by having someone talk truthfully and emotionally about it, rather than displaying some disembodied quotes on your website. As well as that, by utilising video testimonials, you can segment them as part of your video marketing content and help to build brand recognition.

By Catherine Dove 04 Jan, 2018

Our Digity team have been working hard on an exciting new website for  Thames Maidenhead BNI , a networking group designed for the development and exchange of genuine business referrals and ideas to help businesses grow.

Digity’s Managing Director, Chris Lunn, has been a fully participating member of BNI since March and feels very passionate about how the organisation is growing. With weekly meetings welcoming new members regularly and business referrals translating into successful business deals and collaborations, BNI needed a slick new website to represent its successful development.

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