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The Brand New Master Of Horror Website Goes Live!

  • By Alix Davis
  • 28 Sep, 2017
With perhaps the most unique project we have ever embarked upon, we are absolutely delighted to announce the launch of the brand new website for Master of Horror.
Master of Horror is a place for users to download the terrifying tales that a writer and lawyer, who we shall call "B" to honour his wish to remain anonymous, heard from an elderly gentleman during a long train journey. He recited instances of a dark shadowy figure being sighted shortly before horrific events occurred, all over the world and in different centuries. Although this was first dismissed, further research begun to strengthen the old man’s claims, with witnesses reciting seeing this mysterious hooded figure before these terrible incidents. This led to this creature being dubbed "The Master of Horror" and B began to write his findings down in a series of stories.
The website allows individuals to recite these tales which are all intended to be read aloud and performed to an audience. He also provides a helpful guide on how to enhance the experience .
With our brief, the client wanted a clean look and feel to his site. We of course, worked hard to fit this specification. The brand new website has enabled the user to seamlessly glide through the website and find their desired story quickly and easily. The organisation of the content and the structure of the site provides a tidy and smart appearance, whilst the visuals encapsulate the chilling and creepy nature of the client’s business.

With this being their first site, we have turned Master of Horror into a fully immersive user experience with a strong brand and personality.

We have thoroughly enjoyed this project and are delighted with the final product. We would love to hear your thoughts on the new site and also how your experiences of being The Master of Horror went!

Looking for a new website ? Our team loves to create original, engaging, and sales-focused websites to increase brand awareness and results. Get in touch on  01189 100 012 or drop us an email at to discuss how a new and innovative website could benefit your business.


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By Chris Lunn 16 Oct, 2017
Over recent months we've been working with Highnett Group to re-brand their 3 divisions and re-build their websites.  All 3 new logos are now being rolled out and the newly mobile optimised websites featured content and information which accurately represents their core service offering.

Highnett Controls are specialists in the design and manufacture of control panels and Industrial Electrical Maintenance and were established in 1978.  Macklin Controls covers a wide range of products, design and build from supplying basic switchgear  through to the design and build of process control panels & equipment to LV switchboards for both commercial and industrial application. 

Solatest is the G59 testing solutions arm of the group and sits within Macklin.

If you are looking to bring a uniform look and feel to your group whilst increasing the reach and appeal, get in touch today to find out how we can help.
By Catherine Dove 11 Oct, 2017
An exciting development for the Digity team!

We are happy to announce that our Brighton office has moved to new premises. Situated just off the North Laines and minutes from the station in central Brighton, the office is light, spacious and unique.  With a new and inspiring atmosphere, we are feeling fantastic about our new space. 

Our new address is: 

11 Jew Street



We have offices based in Brighton, Maidenhead and Wokingham, so we are never far away. From web design and SEO, to social media and content, Digity have the vision, expertise and experience to improve your business prospects. Get in touch on 01189 100 012, drop us an email at or fill out our form here and we will get back to you.

By Ellie McDaniel 03 Oct, 2017

We are extremely delighted to announce the launch of EatWalkPorto ’s website. Within the travel and tourism industry, it is essential to secure the faith of your customers and encourage them to trust your business. This element of client confidence has special resonance due to the unfamiliar nature of being away from home. Therefore, with EatWalkPorto, it was essential that the website was an excellent and professional site. This in turn enabled the company to showcase its brilliant services with a high class personality. This in turn, gives the firm added legitimacy.

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